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Meet Braiden Sky

Name: Braiden Sky
Age: 18
Species: Human
Homeworld: Naboo
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 170 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Mother: Kelsey Sky
Father: Talon Shadowdragon Sky
Twin Brother: Alastor Sky
Half Sister (s): Ashlee Sky

Brief Bio-
Braiden was born the youngest twin of two boys to proud Jedi parents. Growing up he displayed extreme Force capabilities expected in a Jedi progeny. As he grew he increasingly seen the conflicting ways within the Jedi Order. The Force grew more and more confusing to him until he began to rebel against it. At fifteen years old he stole an X wing from the Jedi Temple and escaped to Coruscant where he got a job as a lowly restaurant box boy. After a year of this he met Kalinai Soluza, an eccentric pirate who offered him the opportunity to join her ranks. Braiden agreed to fly with Kally and was fast on his way to becoming a smuggler despite his parents hopes that he carry on the Jedi tradition of the Sky family.

After a year of smuggling it was obvious Braiden wasn't putting in the effort to make him rich. He stumbled across a lost street urchin boy and hired him as a co-pilot. Surprisingly the boy turned out to be a female named Nix Void. Nix and Briaden flew together in his ship, The Dusty Duck, for quite sometime but Briaden's low ambition was holding Nix back. She left to join the Empire. Still refusing to go back to the Jedi Braiden worked a few odd jobs for different pirates until The Brethren Court was formed. He left the underworld and officially joined the pirate crew, where he met Kalinai once more. Again he proved his skills to be top notch but his ambition was lower than low. After a few months of making little money and sleeping in the street Briaden was looking for a way out. A few loan sharks that were after him were also helping his urge for the door. After a while he ran into Nix once again. The two flew together once more on a few odd jobs until they were shot down over Kamino. Braiden's quick thinking and medical talents inherited from his mother saved Nix's life but at what he considered a great price. They received medical treatment at a rebel base and Nix quickly enlisted to join Rogue Squadron, dragging Braiden along with her. His parents were delighted that their son was finally coming back to do his share of the war effort, though they of course preferred he be a Jedi.

After flying with Rogue Squadron for a while Braiden was given the opportunity to lead the Rogue. He became commander of the Squadron and lead them in several battles, including their famed victory at Alderaan. During a mission the Rogues were ambushed by an Imperial fleet and Braiden sacrificed himself to protect his wing mate. He was in a coma for a while and when he regained conciousness he learned that Alliance Command wanted to recruit him for a top secret project. Alliance Command wanted to reform Alliance Intelligence, a spy network that hadn't seen action in decades. Braiden Sky was promoted to Director of Intelligence and organized a unit of heavily trained spies to aid the Rebellion in the war against the Imperials.

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Interesting facts about me

Random Facts About Braiden
  • Braiden is one of the youngest officers in the history of the rebellion
  • Braiden is super shy around girls.  He's often tongue tied and awkward when he has to talk to them
  • Braiden is a gambling addict and is wanted by more than one bookie for unpaid debts
  • His favorite sport to bet on is pod racing
  • He is one of the only Sky family members who isn't a Jedi
  • He likes to dance
  • He was born on Naboo and spent the first half of his life training to be a Jedi
  • He has a twin brother named Alastor who is a few minutes older than he is
  • He wants to own a pet Nexu